Let That Boy Cook - Custom Beat

Let That Boy Cook - Custom Beat


Are you looking for something unique?

Depending on your project I will tailor a beat production around your needs completely from scratch.

Please fill out the form as specific as possible about how you want the instrumental to sound like. Feel free to add reference songs or instrumentals in the project details section, so we can determine whether or not we’re the right producers for your project Looking forward to working with you!

Submit anything!

  • Reference Tracks

    Submit anything related to what you want your song to sound like

  • Acapella Tracks

    Send vocal tracks and I’ll create a new instrumental around it

  • Recent Track(s)

    Let me hear your previous tracks and I’ll make sure the key of the song will fit your vocal range

  • Specific Key of the Track

    Are you a singer that knows in which key your voice sounds best? Let me know the key!

  • Unfinished Demo's

    Already created a demo? Send it over and I’ll upgrade the production


  • Submit Request and Wait for Approval

    Slots are limited and I like to choose who I work with. You’ll be notified by email within 24 hours.

  • $50 Sample Fee [ Non Refundable ]

    The unfortunate necessary step to block out people who want to waste my time.

  • Receive Sample(s)

    4 day turn around time. If you don’t like the sample(s) you have 4 Revisions [$10 Fee Every revision after]

  • Production Process

  • Final Payment of 50%

    The final payment of 50% is required once the Music Production (the instrumental) is ready.

  • Project Complete!

    Setting up the paperwork for the Exclusive License and transferring all audio files. (Master Recording, MP3 & WAV, Tracked Out Stems etc.)

Why I’m offering Custom Beats

After 4 years of working online with artists from all over the world, I started noticing the struggles that they run into.I have produced a lot of custom beats in the past, but after seeing these results I knew simply making a beat for artists wouldn’t help them further in their career.

They need someone to guide them trough the entire process of producing a song.

After all, that is what a “Producer”is supposed to do, right?


You will have up to 14 days after every revision (if needed) to either request your next revision, or pay your remaining balance in full. Otherwise, you will forfeit any ownership to the custom track, and will not be refunded your initial deposit.

Sell unlimited copies of your product through unlimited mediums

  • Unlimited radio broadcast rights

  • Unlimited for‐profit and non‐profit performance rights

  • Receive the tracked out WAV (24-bit, 44.1 Khz) files for optimal mixing/mastering

  • Beat will never be sold again.

  • Producer & Artist will share copyright to song (negotiable)

  • All fees are non‐refundable

  • Credit Must Be Given To Producer

Please be aware that we are not responsible for mixing your vocals into your custom beats. However, feel free to look into our mixing and mastering services if you would like to get your vocals mixed in with your custom instrumental.

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