Song Mixing & Mastering

Song Mixing & Mastering

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Song Mixing & Mastering

How to Send 

1. Label All Files [ Lead Vocal , Hook Lead]

2. Trackout All Files [ WAV , 24bit , ] 

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A Mix Can MAKE Or BREAK Your Music As Well As Sales, That Goes For Beats As Well. If Your Instrumental Is Not Mixed Properly & Does Not Have That Industry Sound Quality It Can Make You Look Less Professional As Well As Scare Away Potential Customers.

Important Facts

To help us produce quality music, please follow these few steps before you submit your tracks:
• Ensure that the mix down is not clipping, and avoid using normalization, compressor, EQ, or limiter on the master bus (master fader).

• Make sure the peaks are not louder then -6db

Final prints are the finished versions of the mix / master ready for release.

Instrumental Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3
Acapella Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3
Master Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3

Master Version – 44K 24-bit WAV + 320K MP3

Note: these file formats are intended for audio distribution through CD, digital streaming, radio, etc. If your final product requires a different format (48K WAV, FLAC, etc.) we can deliver final prints in the desired format.

You may request (2) rounds of revisions prior to preparation and delivery of “final prints”, if desired.